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Terms of use

The buyer is obligated to familiarise himself/herself with these Terms and Conditions before making a purchase and to check the same upon each visit of the website in order to stay
familiar with all his/her rights and obligations. Otherwise, the Seller is freed of any liability. The Deliverer (Seller) is the Diocese of Šibenik. The buyer of the goods is the visitor of the
web shop who chooses one of the offered tickets, pays it by credit or debit card and sends the order to the Seller. Currency is Croatian Kuna (HRK). The prices of the tickets for the Museum are presented without VAT, since museum activity is VAT-exempt. Souvenir prices are expressed with VAT. It is considered that a purchase agreement is concluded after a
successful payment transaction through a WSPay or PayPal payment gateway. A mail order transaction is not a purchase agreement and is considered to be solely an informative
disclosure of a Buyer’s interest.


Orders and Payment Methods

As soon as the order is received, the Diocese of Šibenik will inform the Buyer via electronic mail that the purchase order has been successfully completed. The purchase agreement is
concluded after a successful debit and /or credit card payment.

All payments are made in Croatian Kuna. When your credit card is charged, the amount in HRK is converted to your local currency based on the valid exchange rate list of the card issuer. As a result of price conversion, there is a possibility of small difference in the amount compared to the original price stated on our website.


Delivery and reclamation

Vouchers are delivered to the Buyer by e-mail to the address entered when ordering. The Diocese of Šibenik shall not be held accountable for to the damage caused by incorrect entry
of an e-mail address or because of the inability to deliver vouchers caused by technical problems arising from the operation of the e-mail service provider.

Along with the voucher, the Buyer will also receive an invoice. The Seller sends the invoice electronically to the Buyer, only if the Buyer so insists. Otherwise, the Buyer will receive a fiscal bill at the vendor’s point when replacing vouchers with tickets in physical form. The Buyer is obligated to print or otherwise preserve the submitted voucher, and to present it to authorized personnel. If the Buyer used certain discounts on the purchase, proof of the exercise of this right must be presented to the authorized staff (for e.g. school ID, proof of retirement, etc.). The Buyer is obligated to keep the voucher in a safe place until the day s/he will be using the service for which the voucher is valid.

Refunds for purchased tickets are also not possible.

Any additional questions about ticket sales as well as any complaints regarding the deficiency of service and all other objections can be made in writing by electronic or ordinary mail: to
the e-mail address:, at the address: Interpretation centre ”Civitas Sacra”, Ivana Pribislavića 3, 22000 Šibenik.

In case of a dispute pertaining to the justification of reclamation and if the Buyer, on the basis of a subjective assessment, believes that s/he has not received adequate service, it is
customary in the business practice to report the case to one of the competent institutions. The competent and official bodies then render all necessary checks to ascertain the correctness and respect of the applicable laws. The court in Šibenik has jurisdiction over all possible disputes.


Basic informations

Company name: Diocese of Šibenik – Šibenik

Business address: Biskupa Jeronima Milete 2A, 22 000 Šibenik

Sale address: Ivana Pribislavića 3, 22 000 Šibenik

NKD: 91310

Indetification number: 0291021

PIN: 46115555394

Phone number: +385 22 66 85 22


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