Permanent exhibition – Civitas Sacra
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As the Interpretation centre ‘Civitas sacra’; is located in Galbiani Palace, in creating the permanent exhibition, the team of authors strived to preserve the existing condition and appearance of the interior to the greatest extent possible and invested great effort to adapt the exhibition to it. Such an approach was motivated by the fact that the palace is an object of exceptional value that is protected as a cultural good of the Republic of Croatia.

After renovation and adaptation, Galbiani Palace was transformed into a state-of-the-art exhibition, educational and hospitality complex that, with the use of high technology and modern presentation methods, interprets the sacral cultural heritage of Šibenik, with an emphasis on the Cathedral of St James, which is under the protection of UNESCO.

This fact is precisely why Palace Galbiani has the potential to develop into the cultural hub of Šibenik and an activator of the cultural development of the entire city, as well as into an interpreter of the complex importance of the Šibenik cathedral.

The exhibition area stretches through one part of the mezzanine and covers the entire area of the first and second floor of the building. In this space is accommodated the Interpretation Centre of the Cathedral of St James and exhibits that belong to the cathedral or are part of the diocesan collection that gathers exhibits from all parish churches in the Diocese of Šibenik. The collection has been envisioned and executed as an interpretative project in which the visitors are active participants. Guided by the idea that experience is the best learning method, and with a focus on the value of the central topic of the exhibition – the UNESCO-protected Cathedral of St James – the team of designers interpreted the exhibition in an interactive way, while bearing in mind the standards for the presentation of heritage of such value.

The intent of the authors is to, immediately upon their entry, put visitors in the role of a pilgrim observing valuable exhibits and symbols, centuries-old interpreters of sacral heritage. The exhibition was been designed in a manner that symbolises the spiritual upliftment that is the defining characteristic of every pilgrimage. First, visitors are told the tale of the material riches that sacral Šibenik has yielded after which, with a change in perspective through interpretative elements, visitors are familiarised with the spiritual dimension, i.e. the intangible elements that connect the people of Šibenik with this sacral object. Visitors will view this relationship through the eyes of the people that lived in the area of Šibenik many centuries ago and, by actively participating in the presentation of each element of the exhibit, their importance and value will be further ingrained into their perception.

The building also accommodates existing materials from the Cathedral of St James and other parishes. Those elements that won’t be able to be accommodated will be presented with replicas or multimedia and IT solutions in order to provide a worthy replacement for the exhibits themselves. Multimedia and IT solutions will also permeate the rest of the exhibition, thus bestowing upon it additional appeal and interactivity.

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