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Inventory of the Church of St Barbara – Diocesan Museum of the Diocese of Šibenik

The inventory of the Church of St Barbara – a registered mobile cultural good – is presented at the Interpretation Centre ‘Civitas Sacra’. The inventory has previously been inadequately disposed of in the interior of the Church of St Barbara, a single-nave Gothic building that was constructed in the early 15 th century with the help of the noble family Mihetić from Šibenik. Although this is a building of great importance, it did not provide any of the conditions that are necessary to safeguard a collection of such value. These sacral materials have now finally found an adequate home at the Interpretation Centre ‘Civitas Sacra’ and its depot of collections, where they can be presented to the public.

Church of St Barbara

Some of the finest sculptors and architects of the area worked on the construction of the Church of St Barbara. Thus, in the niche above the main entrance, there is a sculpture of St Nicholas that was created by the master Bonino from Milan. The figure of St Nicholas is located above the entrance as this church once used to belong to the Benedictine monastery of St Nicholas, and was originally dedicated to St Nicholas and St Benedict. It was only later that the church was given its present name, as it was also used by the brotherhood of gunners and armourers, whose patron saint is St Barbara.

On the front of the building, there is a large clock with 24 numerals. The clock has its own bell tower and bell. The second Baroque-period bell from 1775 is larger and ends in a distaff belfry. The beautiful Gothic single-light window on the side wall is also the work of Bonino, while the author of the relief at the bottom of the window is unknown. However, this relief is interesting as it was a votive gift of the physician Marko from Šibenik, donated in 1419. In addition to master Bonino, another important figure that contributed to the ornamentation of the church was Ivan Pribislavić, who authored the chapel of St Nicholas which is located on the northern wall in the interior of the church.

Another interesting feature of the Church of St Barbara is the preserved tombstone of the goldsmith Milogostić from Šibenik, located in the floor of the southern chapel, decorated with a goldsmith’s anvil, the symbol of the goldsmithing trade. Since the early 20 th century, this church has served as a diocesan museum.

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