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Croatian Saints and Blesseds in Our Nation

In ​​the gallery “St. Nikola Tavelić” inside the Interpretation Centre of the St. James Cathedral “Civitas Sacra” in Šibenik, on Thursday, July 28, another exhibition in the cycle of exhibitions “Croatian Saints and Blesseds in our Nation” was opened.

Msgr. Antun Sente, Jr., rector of the National Sanctuary of St. Joseph from Karlovac, whose organized the exhibition, explained to those present that it was a 14-year continuity of annual exhibitions with depictions of Croatian saints and blesseds, interpreted by established Croatian artists.

This year, the exhibition was realized by academic artist Iris Mihatov Miočić. She was born in Zadar in 1983, where she finished elementary and high school. In 2001, she entered the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb, majoring in painting, and in 2005 she graduated in the class of Professor Igor Rončević. She is engaged in sacred painting and illustrations for children, and has exhibited at a numerous collective and individual exhibitions. She participated also in humanitarian auctions and art colonies.
The author herself told her experience of creating portraits, from reading the biographies of the saints at the very beginning to the final realization. She revealed that at the beginning she worked on several portraits at the same time. During her work, she felt the living presence of saints and blessed ones who left a mark on her spirituality and became her great heavenly friends and advocates.

Stanko Špoljarić, an art historian and critic, spoke to those present about the impressive painting and talent of young Iris. He emphasized that the author builds portraits with the meticulousness of strokes and gestural gestures, with clear outline lines and patches of blotchy structure, creating an indisputable artistic unity with the poles of expression in the metric of her realistic painting approach based on the principles of classical aesthetics, deepened by the freshness of her own painterly sensibility.

The exhibition was declared open by the Bishop of Sibenik, Tomislav Rogić, who indicated the harmony of the space in which we are – from “Civitas Sacra” – the holy city to the gallery “St. Nikola Tavelić” with the theme of the exhibition and at the end with the author’s spiritual experience in researching and following holy persons.

The exhibition is for sale and will remain open until August 31, 2022. Entrance is free.

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